Ready for a New Challenge? It’s Time to Amp Up Your Tower Garden

Lettuces? Check. Herbs? Check? A fruiting plant or two? Check, check. If you’ve made it through one growing season with a fresh crop of greens on the dining room table to show for it, you can absolutely upgrade yourself from “novice” to “seasoned gardener,” pun intended. Congrats! You’ve got this whole grow-your-own thing down. And now what? You may be wondering what else you can do with your vertical garden, what other—and perhaps more challenging—plants you can cultivate, and what other bells and whistles you can add to your Tower Garden. We’re glad you asked, because there are several possibilities when it comes to leveling-up your gardening game.

Support Cage

 With summer just around the corner, you can start prepping for tomato season! Tomatoes love hotter climates, and thrive in sunny areas. One more thing they need? Something to hold on to. Tomato vines will struggle without a secure structure to grasp, or they’ll get so out of control that the stems will take over your entire tower. Cucumbers, squashes, peppers, and pumpkins all require support, and you can start experimenting with these delicious fruiting plants by setting up a support cage.


LED Lights

 If you’re interested in round-the-clock growing from the comfort of your couch, you might want to consider stepping into the world of indoor gardening. Gardening indoors allows you to grow fresh, homegrown food, regardless of climate and season. That means basil in the dead of winter! It also gives people with limited deck or patio space the option to keep their garden in their kitchen or dining room! That’s a pretty short distance from garden to table. Indoor growing allows us to enjoy spring all year! There’s plenty to learn about indoor gardening, but the ease of using lights makes it all worth it.

Extension Kit

You can add even more opportunities for delicious greens by simply stacking some additional segments onto the top. Simply remove the cap and attach the extension kit pieces, and voila!—you’ve got room for 8 additional plants. The planting possibilities are endless, and with two more segments, your tower will be impressively tall!


Microgreens Extension Kit

Microgreens can be added to your favorite sandwiches, wraps, as a topping on avocado toast or omelets, as a garnish on salads or simply as an on-the-go snack. The Microgreens Extension kit allows you to grow them on the top of your already flourishing tower, without taking up excess space that could be filled with a booming crop of kale or romaine.

From DIY-greenhouses to weather protection blankets, there are lots of ways to improve your garden. What additions have you made to your tower to personalize it?

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